Guest Comments and Testimonials

Trip Of a Lifetime

Our “trip of a lifetime” was absolutely perfect in every way – all thanks to you! Your tasty drinks and delicious (what an understatement) meals were fabulous and greatly appreciated by all. You are an exceptionally thoughtful couple and your attention to our “needs” helped make our 13 days exceed our wildest expectations. Thank you for being such gracious hosts and welcoming us into your “home”, showing us paradise! We are all so grateful.

Cheers to you-

Laurel and John

Most Wonderful Week

Thank you so very much for all your hard work on our behalf. You made this the most wonderful week! We are truly appreciative.

Linda- the meals were absolutely amazing. You managed to create dishes that ALL the Andrews clan would eat and enjoy. I have been trying 10 years to do that! Thanks for they many hours in the galley to make all those wonderful meals. You are truly gifted! Thank you also for making the most amazing cake for Catherine’s birthday and for the beautiful necklace. She loves it!!  You are a dear woman!!

Vince – You are a fantastic captain and dive master! It was incredible to see all the new dive areas and we will always remember them. Thank you for your gentle patience with Sarah- I think she will enjoy diving for years to come because of it!!

Kirk- you are an amazing first mate!!Thank you for your quick attention to all our needs. You keep an amazingly clean boat and I know how difficult that is. Thank you for adopting “the swab” and showing him how to sail. He looks up to you and admires you!!

We will miss you all and look forward to sailing with you gain very soon!



The boat is spotless and so well kept! there is definitely that pride in ownership. Staterooms are comfortable, heads are clean and convenient to have in each stateroom.

Crew was attentive, and DEFINITELY has the customer service thing figured out! They know what they are doing and do it VERY WELL! Captain Vince certified my 4 boys in SCUBA and is safe and knowledgeable. Linda is a FABULOUS cook. she feed us well (maybe to well, as I gained a few pounds but it was worth it). She bakes her own bread everyday on board and made Strawberry souffle – FABULOUS meals everyday (breakfast/lunch/appetizer & dinner w/dessert). Kirk assists with EVERYTHING ELSE to ensure that their guests are content and relaxed.

I have ONLY good things to say about Drumbeat 1 – there was NOTHING bad – except leaving 🙂 This vacation was EVERYTHING I dreamed of and worth every penny – EVERY SINGLE PENNY! Drumbeat 1 should be one you suggest on a regular basis!

Thanks for YOUR help putting this all together.

Csapos Charter

Dear Vince & Linda

Today was the first day of school and I hated it! I had this burning desire to race out of the school yard and head for the Ft. Lauderdale airport and purchase five one-way tickets to St. Thomas. The kids didn’t seem to have a problem with that. Would you say the Csapos are suffering from island fever?

Shannon phoned several days after we got home and needless to say, I gave her an earful. I said the ship was great but the crew made the trip remarkable.

Again, thank you for a wonderful vacation. We miss the three of you and are really looking forward to next summer. If you come to Florida you have an open invitation to visit us anytime.


John, Mailan, Jenn, Katy & Joey

Csapos Charter 2

We’ve been back from our charter on Drumbeat I for three weeks now and nobody in the family can stop talking about what a wonderful time we had. Our crew, Captain Vince, Linda and Jake have got to be the finest in the Caribbean. The service was first class, food was extraordinary (especially given some of our unique menu requirements) and the course that Captain Vince selected provided the best of all the activities we requested in our pre-trip outline.


John C. Csapo

Singer Charter

Dear [Broker]:

Georgianne and I recently returned from a week’s cruise with Vince and Linda Stracener aboard the Drumbeat I, and I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience it was.

We were with the Rubenstein party, and there were as you know, eight of us. The entire crew, Vince, Linda, and Kirk did everything possible to make it a memorable experience, and they succeeded.

The Drumbeat was in superb condition, obviously well maintained with justifiable pride.

The service could not have been better. The meals were superb, and soon became one of the highlights of the trip. From that small kitchen, Linda created some of the most outstanding meals we have ever eaten. They had memorized the preference lists we had completed, and essentially every item requested was accommodated. The activities were varied, and well attended.

The only drawback to the trip is that our wives will, after this experience, never again be willing to accompany us on a bareboat charter.

In summary, the trip was simply outstanding, far exceeding our lofty expectations. Unfortunately, we could not convince Linda to relocate in Eugene and open a restaurant. We tried!

Congratulations and thank you very much for connecting us with them.


Kenneth Singer

Nancy and Charles

Dear Broker,

My husband and I just returned with our children and grandchildren on board the Drumbeat I out of St. Thomas. We all agreed that it was a wonderful and relaxing vacation. The crew of Drumbeat, Vince, Susan, and Kirk, did everything to make our vacation memorable and fun. The boat was immaculately kept and comfortable, the food was delicious and plentiful, great breakfasts with lots of fresh fruit, hors d oeuvres at sunset, and gourmet meals. Vince was the perfect Captain and we had total confidence in his knowledge and experience. We told him what we wanted to do- hike, swim, snorkel, learn to water ski and scuba dive- and he fulfilled our every wish. He was a great teacher too, patient and encouraging.

All in all, we would recommend a trip to anyone looking for a great Caribbean vacation.



Nancy and Charles